Add Exclusive Disney Inspired Makeup To Your Collection

  |  August 23 5

The fusion of Disney with makeup can initially seem strange because Disney movies are often geared toward children and their families, and skincare and beauty products are more popular among adolescents and adults.

But with the recent surge around Disney Princess movies, it is an ideal time for a collaboration like this.

Often regarded as the princess of the beauty world, Charlotte Tilbury has embarked upon a collaboration with Disney. This collab commemorates the 100th anniversary of Disney.

The renowned makeup artist has created three limited edition collectables of some of her best-selling, iconic products, repackaged with Tinkerbell`s image.

Let`s have a look at the three reimagined products by Charlotte Tilbury.

1. Magic Cream

The renowned Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury is a holy grail moisturiser with a hint of Tinkerbell enchantment. This miraculous cream has captured the hearts of numerous beauty lovers, and now it is presented in charming packaging with the lovely Tinkerbell branding. The Magic Cream, infused with powerful ingredients, primes, brightens, and moisturises your skin to perfection, much like the pixie dust that gives Tink her enchanted radiance. Accept the magic and allow the beauty to shine through on your skin!


The magic cream has eight wondrous ingredients likely to make your skin glow. Let`s have a brief overview of them.

·         Bionymph Peptide: 

Bionymph peptide is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that helps promote skin elasticity and firmness.

·         Vitamins C and E: 

These antioxidants work wonders for the skin. Vitamin C brightens the complexion and evens skin tone, while Vitamin E nourishes and hydrates the skin.

·         Rosehip oil: 

It promotes a more even skin tone and lessens scars and fine wrinkles.

·         Hyaluronic Acid: 

Hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture, giving it a supple and dewy appearance.

·         Frangipani Flower Extract: 

It has a lovely floral smell and soothes sore skin.

·         Aloe Vera: 

Aloe vera is a miracle of nature with calming and therapeutic qualities. It works wonders for encouraging skin restoration, moisturising the skin without clogging pores, and soothing irritated skin.

·         Shea Butter: 

It moisturises and softens the skin, making it a fantastic option for dry or sensitive skin types.

·         Camellia Oil: 

Camellia oil is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. It`s packed with antioxidants and helps to replenish and maintain the skin`s moisture barrier.

Every ingredient has distinct skin advantages, and when used in skincare products, they may do wonders to encourage a radiant, healthy complexion.

How To Apply?

·         Sweep cream out and up, beginning at the lower cheek.

·         Place fingers beneath cheeks and massage upward and outward along cheekbones.

·         Use your fingers to gently squeeze your chin while sweeping them up your jawline.

·         Massage the forehead in circular strokes, moving outward toward the temples.

2. Beauty Light Wand

These liquid illuminators are packed with light-reflecting particles that create a mesmerising glow on your cheeks, giving you that fairy-like luminosity. The Beauty Light Wand comes in three different, each responsible for different skin tones.

·         In Pink: 

This shade provides an iridescent pink glow to your cheekbones.

·         In Spotlight: 

This renowned shade provides a candle-lit vibe to your cheekbones.

·         In Gold: 

The gold shade is perfect for making a bold statement with your highlighter. 


·         Glow Gel:

 Glow Gel increases the skin`s brightness for a high-gloss highlight. It dries quickly yet retains its dewy state.

·         Silica:

 Velvety Silica has enchanted soft-focusing abilities.

·         Sensorial Oil:

 Sensorial Oil makes your skin feel soft and velvety.

·         Brightening Pigments:

 Brightening pigments offer a clear, radiant, and dreamlike finish.

·         Lindera Extract:

 For a glowing appearance, lindera extract magically imitates the properties of light.

How To Apply?

Its innovative cushion applicator makes it easy to dab the product onto your skin, and its buildable formula allows you to customise the intensity of the glow.

       Dab it on your cheekbones, brow, or even collarbones for that magical, ethereal radiance.

3. Makeup Bag

Now that we`ve enchanted our skin and highlighted our features, it`s time to carry all our newfound beauty treasures in a makeup bag. This limited-edition bag features the iconic Tinkerbell symbol. With enough room to bring your favourite makeup essentials, this bag is perfect for beauty lovers on the go.

The Makeup Bag is not just a beauty accessory; it`s a statement of our love for all things Disney and makeup. The sturdy, stylish design and iconic crimson red velvety fabric protect and organise your precious makeup collectables. Plus, the Tinkerbell symbol adds that touch of enchantment that makes every beauty routine feel like a fairy-tale adventure.

What makes these products so different and a dream of every collection?

       A Magical Disney Experience:

Charlotte Tilbury`s limited edition Disney makeup collectables adorned with the symbol of Tinkerbell offer a unique and unforgettable beauty experience.

       High-Quality Beauty Essentials:

Charlotte Tilbury is renowned for creating high-quality and luxurious beauty products; this collaboration is no exception. Each item is carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance and results, from the iconic Magic Cream to the radiant Beauty Light Wands and the delightful Makeup Bag.

       Collectors` Dream:

As a limited-edition line, these Tinkerbell-themed collectables will surely become valued treasures among fans of cosmetics and Disney.

       Unique Gift Options:

The Disney beauty products collectables are wonderful presents for loved ones who appreciate the beauty and Disney magic as much as you do.

       Live Like a Fairy Tale Princess:

Including Disney-inspired elements in our daily lives has extraordinary effects. You may immerse yourself in Tinkerbell`s enchanted world with these collectables, adding joy, optimism, and a feeling of wonder to your beauty routine.

These exclusive and limited-edition collectables add a touch of Disney enchantment to your makeup collection. Let the Tinkerbell symbol guide you on a beauty journey filled with wonder and delight. Whether you`re a makeup enthusiast, a Disney lover, or both, these treasures will captivate your heart and leave you feeling like a fairy-tale princess every day.

Create a beauty journey that honours the magic inside of you by embracing the charm and delight in the eccentric world of Disney. Remember that dreams do come true in the world of Disney and beauty!