Essential Cat Furniture That Goes With Your Interior Design

admin  |  August 22 24

Thinking about getting a cat? Think Again, as you would not want those little active moody furballs around once you see the condition of my house. But I guess it`s part of the process of loving your pets undeniably. And while my home furniture, including sofa sets, suffered drastically from my ignorance, it was because of my lack of knowledge about the habitable environment. Hence the throw blankets on my armrest, which clearly is not a fashion statement.

Why Is Cat Furniture Essential:

Many Cat owners think of getting furniture as a luxury, but the reality of the furniture is quite the opposite. It is just not nice to have cat furniture, but very essential for their happiness and instinctual growth. Keeping in mind, indoor cats need furniture to exercise and stimulate. Their happiness rests upon the ability to mark their territory, chances to climb, and someplace dark and quiet to nap in. 

Buying the right cat furniture can cater to these essential natural instincts of your cat, which are essential for their well-being. However, most stores focus on satisfying the buyer instead of developing furniture that caters to the needs of the feline creature.

What Type Of Furniture Does Your Cat Need:

As much as we love our friends, four-legged friends finding furniture that suits their needs and goes well with the furniture in the house is a rare occurrence. If I talk about myself or people in general, they want something durable and furniture that they would not have to hide in the closet every time someone comes over. However, finding cat furniture becomes significantly harder when you are looking for elegance and durability. More or less, as a pet owner, you might have to compromise on one or the other factor. There is one other factor that goes into consideration i.e., whether your pets enjoy using the furniture or not. As getting the right furniture is actually about them and keeping their stimulation alongside their cognitive and physical growth in mind. With research and keeping in mind the needs of our feline friend, I have broken down the furniture options for cats into two categories. 

Indoor Furniture For Cats:

Getting an indoor item for your cat does not mean your ambiance or home interior style has to take a hit. Both can be achieved simultaneously. With The availability of every type of cat furniture for all tastes and remarkable quality at tuff and paw

  • Sprout Cat Tower: The sprout cat tower features the epitome of a modern aesthetic. The design features a climb and outer wall of carpet, which provides a comfortable resting spot for your feline friend. Its efficient design has a stability which keeps the tower from falling off during the climbs in the meantime it perfectly compliments your indoor furniture.
  • Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure:  If you are not okay with placing the litter box in your bathroom, the rifiuti litter box enclosure provides a combination of retro and modern furniture. The Mid-century design looks great in all types of home settings with a flat top for your cats to rest on. There is also an inner compartment for your cat to rest in peace with a slatted horizontal stripe which provides a breathable environment. 

  • Kip Cat Cushion: a standalone piece that looks great and just as well together with your already existing sofa sets. It will complement any existing sofa set because of its sophisticated and timeless color. The Kip Cat Cushion comes with a faux shearling cover with concave seating providing a nest-like resting space for your cat. These Kip`s cushions are available in two sizes, and both of them come with non-slippery bottoms.

Outdoor Furniture For Cats:

Everybody loves the great outdoors, especially your feline creatures. Even the most domesticated and prone to in-house environment cats love a stroll along the fence, some quiet time watching the birds fluttering, catching squirrels. If your home does not have enough space, the above-mentioned in-house furniture is as best it is going to get for your furry friends. However, If you have the room for it, then the below-mentioned outdoor cat furniture would be a wonderful place for your cats to spend time outdoors.

  • Nook Litter Box: If you are not a fan of having the litter box indoors, the nook litter box serves as the perfect substitute with its slick design. The nook litter box looks anything but like a litter box and becomes an easy “come and go” accessory for your cat. The two sides` opening also keeps the stink from trapping in one place. However, we would recommend using the tray directly as a litter tray, instead filling it with “really great cat litter” to avoid a mess. Don`t let the small openings confuse you, as the litter box works well for both small and large-sized cats.
  • Vista: The perfect artifact on your balcony wall and a soft Luxus place for your cat to hang out in. The platform is easy to install and comes with a detachable rack in case of rain and other outside weather hazards. The easy removal of the rack-mounted with faux increases the life of the accessory. The elegant platform creates the illusion of floating in the air once mounted on the wall, making it a perfect addition for an aesthetic interior or exterior furniture.
  • Cloud Nine Window Hammock: Even though it depicts the same features as vista, however, there is one key difference. The Vista requires a wall, whereas the cloud nine hammocks can be installed anywhere, i.e., indoors and outdoors. The smooth arc provides your cat the ultimate comfort to sleep, and the sturdy base provides the perfect grip for safer landings.