Say Hello To Your New Gym Companions With Built For Athletes

Angela shaw  |  2024-06-09

If you are a regular gym enthusiast or what they call in the fitness community the ‘gym rat’ then this blog is tailored just for you. So buckle-up for a rocky ride down the gym-hole!


Over the years and the evolution in fashion, now, comfort for people who enjoy sweat-breaking activities has taken the spotlight. From marathon wear to day to day gym wear we have come a long way. But one thing that hasn`t been acknowledged much is the need of a true companion.


 One that holds all your essentials for you while you do your cardio, and one that helps you stay hydrated throughout the day. Yes, I speak of none other than the back pack. Whether it is a long walk up a mountain or a run in the rain, Built for Athletes is there to save the day.




 As someone who has very busy days to conquer  and a rigorous stamina workout due , are you tired of backpacks which can`t keep up with the load? Worry not, with backpacks designed just to accommodate anybody ready to be part of Jumanji  Built for Athletes is there for you.


Why their backpacks?


Made of highly durable , rip-proof fabric , triple stitched seams and water resistant material nothing can hold you down. Along with multiple compartments and pockets to keep your essentials safe and secure , from people and the weather , backpacks by Built for Athletes does wonders for you.


These backpacks come in two sizes, 25L and 45L.


What these backpacks offer:


 1. A 180 degree opening for the bag that makes everything very accessible.


2. Spacious inside with a well-padded laptop storage , creating work life balance like no other.


3. Made of ultra durable material , and fitted with industry leading zippers.


4. Come in many different colors and patterns of your choice, never compromising on the style.


5. Tested to hold up to no less than 30kg.


The duffle bags


A duffle bag is a need acutely felt and acknowledged by a true athlete. A hike up the hill, a dive in the lake, or a city marathon or if it`s good old camping with friends. No other companion to make you feel more safe than a duffle bag. And good for you,  Built for Athletes has just the thing in store for you.


 Why their duffle bag?


Engineered to cater quality and design with an impressive capacity of 40L. Made of highly durable fabric with a well protected compartment for a laptop and a very practical wet kit section.


What these duffle bags offer:


1. A shock absorbent laptop compartment for protection.


2. Very efficient and organized internal storage compartments.


3. Premium cushioning to make carrying effortless.


4. Multi- carry system so you can carry over the shoulder or as a backpack.


5. Very strong, rip-proof and ultra durable fabric.


6. Dedicated protected compartments for electronic essentials.


The Pro-Series


A true winner on the tab remains Built for Athletes’ very exclusive pro-series. The pro-series has all essential carriers in stock addressing your need for a separate shoe bag, crossbody bag  to stainless steel bottle,all the way to a hard valuables case.


 Shoe bag


 Looking to keep your foot-wear separate from the rest of your gear , or looking for a bag to carry your track shoes or field shoes.  Built of Athletes has a little something for that too.


Their shoe bag, just like all the rest of their high quality products, is made to endure a rough ride.


 What their shoe bags have to offer


1. Made with ultra durable fabric to take you a long way.


2. along with anti- microbial lining to keep your feet fresh. 


3. Adding on, to the front there is a front zip pocket for valuables like phones and keys.


Cross body bag


Constructed with daily life`s hustle in mind , this product is meant to be lightweight ,easy to carry. Perfect to help  you step up your game and make a statement with Built for Athletes.


 What their crossbody bags have to offer:


1. Lightweight and durable for daily use.


2. water and dirt resistant against the worst.


3. Has external and internal two way zip opening.


4. adjustable hook and loop front panel.


 Hard valuables case


 This is perfect for you , if you want a compact , water resistant case to hold your ear pieces, glasses, phone and even jewelry for a quick run down the block.


 What their valuables case has to offer:


1. Compact with 180 degree opening.


2. Water and heat resistant.


3. Hard exterior to protect your essentials.


4. Has microbial lining and best zip material.


 Stainless steel bottle


The necessary piece found in every athletes must-have list is a water bottle. Built for Athletes designed for the stainless steel water bottle that has the capacity to keep you hydrated all day long.


What their stainless steel bottle has to offer:


1. Capacity of up to 2 liters.


2. Maintain the temperature of your power drink.


3. Remains leak-proof and ready to go for all your workout sessions.


 Why Built for Athletes?


As a company that works with meeting the day to day needs of an active athlete , not only do they maximize the experience but also manage to maintain the visual aesthetics of their products while never forsaking their customer support which goes internationally.


 Customer experience:


As a part of the fitness community Built for Athletes continue to work towards understanding the needs of the athletes from their nutrition to biomechanics to supply the products which enhances their everyday experience.


 Working with sustainability:


They also play their role in the betterment of society and are currently working towards becoming the greenest suppliers of backpacks. by planting one tree for every order to support the reforestation projects across the globe.


 Whether  you`re an elite athlete, a regular gym-bro, or an aspiring fitness enthusiast, step up your game with Built for Athletes and see your fitness experience transform into much much more.