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Pots are required to maintain a garden or plants in your home. Different plants require different types of pots in order to thrive. Going to a physical store is one way to obtain these pots. However, this could be time-consuming and exhausting if you do not live near a gardening store. A better option would be to search online for the best pot planter providers, such as Get potted. This way, you`ll have a wider selection of pots to choose from. Check out today`s Get Potted Reviews to find the perfect planter for your space.

It has become an iconic online shopping destination over the last four years. You can make your home and garden cosier and more stylish through affordable planters and plants.

Get potted is an energising online shopping destination. With their affordable planters and lush plants, you can make your home and garden cosier and more stylish.

Unlike many of our competitors, they are a local company that employs Dunstable residents and gives back to the community. Choose a company that genuinely cares about you.

Having plants in your home or office can provide numerous benefits. They not only have modern planters but also have them in every size to fit any room. However, if you`re looking for a quick and easy way to add plants to your space, consider making online purchases from there; you`ll save 3% on your purchases. Check out some of the most popular planters from Get Potted reviews and make your decision today.

Pots and planters are an easy way to add style to your outdoor space instantly. Whether you are a balcony gardener or want to create a stunning display in your garden, let their pots inspire you.

Before You Grow, You Should Know

When discussing plants with others, the terms "pot" and "planter" will be used interchangeably. Pots are typically smaller, round, and designed to hold only one plant. Planters are typically used outside, have irregular shapes, and can hold a variety of plants. However, we use both terms at The Sill to describe our indoor planters.

You can decorate your garden or home with so many planting options:

Repot with Get potted

It`s always a little fun to get dirty and also good for your plant. Repotting your plant also provides it with new potting soil to grow in. Your plant will not only be able to maintain its current size, but it will also be able to grow larger. Initially, repotting does not always imply increasing the size of the pot. Repotting may imply replacing old potting mix that has degraded nutrients. When your plant outgrows its current pot, it will require a larger one.

Size always matters

We frequently use terms like size or inches when we talk about plants. This does not refer to the plant but rather to the diameter of the pot in which it is planted. A 4" plant, for example, refers to a plant growing in a 4" diameter pot, regardless of the plant`s size — it comes in a 4" tall x 4" wide pot. We use these measurement terms to accommodate a wide range of plant heights and types. A cactus that fits in a 4" pot could grow to be 1" or 1 ft. tall. If the plant is currently in a 10" pot, choose a pot that is 1-2" larger than the current size.


Drainage is required for your planter.

Choose planters and pots with drainage, especially if you are experimenting with your watering abilities - but planters without drainage can be made to work with a little finesse! It is best to remember to pour no more than one-third of the size of the container in water. You can also line the planter`s bottom with lava rocks or something similar to create crevices for excess water to drain into. These methods will undoubtedly help to reduce the likelihood of root rot.


A layer of fresh soil is placed on top of the drainage layer. This is the substrate you`ve chosen. Fill the pot halfway because you`ll need space to cover your plants. A rep for all the pots you won`t be filling. They are now prepared for their new tenants.

The substrate`s type and structure are entirely up to you. For pot cultivation, it is preferable to use a peat-based substrate rather than compost. Compost-based substrates can clog a pot, preventing water from draining.


Outdoor statuary, which is elegant, artistic, and always on time, brings life to the garden in more ways than one.

There`s no denying that the majesty of beautiful plants can be breath-taking. However, we can sometimes get lost in the size of a garden or it may appear to be lacking in personality, which is when we should take a closer look at outdoor garden statues. Garden statuary has been used almost as long as gardens have existed.

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When you understand the basic rules of thumb for size, materials, and drainage requirements, choosing the right pot for your plant may be a simple task. However, choosing a pot that looks good with your plant and in your home can be more difficult. Plants and pots must be matched according to their visual characteristics. Furthermore, the combination of plant and pot must complement your home decor.

You could have the most beautiful plant in the world, but if you put it in a pot that does not highlight its beauty (even if it meets all of the size and drainage requirements), it will go unnoticed!

Consider it this way: selecting a pot for your plant is akin to selecting a dress for a person.

There are a variety of multiple kinds and sizes of pots to use outside, so it can be difficult to know which size pot to choose for your plants. There is no correct answer; there is only one best pot for each plant that Get potted provides.